Backyard Storage Sheds

The Studio was designed to meet most HOA guidelines. The building is available as a finished unit ready for delivery or built-on-site! With 4×6 runners removed, the building sits at 7’11” – below most HOA requirements and by choosing your paint and roof colors you can match your home.

The Studio is ideal for a home office, art or craft studio, workshop, pool house, or your everyday storage needs. Contact a dealer today to custom design your Studio and transform your backyard!


Built with LP SMART SIDE and 3/4  inch plywood decking, The Corporal is a Smart choice for backyard storage or housing for your lawn and garden equipment. Includes 4×6 Treated Skids with Hurricane Clips.


The Utility is our most commonly customized building – Customers have purchased utilities for just about everything you could imagine from simple backyard storage, to pool houses, restaurants, hunting cabins, you name it. The Utility is standard with 16″ OC framing, hurricane clips, LP Smart Side, radiant barrier, moisture barrier and can be delivered or built on site!!

The Lofted Barn


The lofted barn is our most popular barn style, featuring a large double wooden door in the front and TWO interior lofts. Ideal for anyone needing a basic storage shed or workshop for their backyard.

The Chalet

The Colonel is decorated with several badges and honors including 6″ overhangs, a steeper roof pitch, flower boxes, shutters, wrap around loft and a dormer window on the roof. Natural light flows freely in through all the windows including the transom windows in the door.

The Commander