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Overall Dimensions: 16’w x 18’d x 12’h
Weight: 1,162 lbs.
Color: Almond, Red & Yellow Accents
Tower: 5’ x 5’ Deck
Deck Height: 5’
Access: Flat Step Ladder w/ MC Hand Rail
Roof: 5’ x 10’ Canvas w/ flags Climber: 5’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, Cargo Net
Slide: 10’ Avalanche Slide
Swing Beam: 2 Position Climber, 1 Position Ext. Arm
Swings: Belt Swing,Trapeze, 3-Rope Tire Swing, Rubber Infant Swing
Anchors: 2
Fun Items: Steering Wheel, Telescope
Space Needed: 26’ Deep x 22’ Wide
Border Material: 96’ Landscape Timber
Recommended Amount of Mulch: 2 Tons Rubber Mulch 12 Cubic Yds. Wood Mulch

Product Details:
This playset is perfect for all ages with activities appropriate for your youngest and oldest children. Features a play tower with 5’ x 5’ deck, 5’ rock wall, cargo net climber, 10’ Avalanche slide, 3-position swing beam plus 1-position side extension, and flat step ladder.