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Overall Dimensions: 29’ w x 22’ d x 13’h
Weight: 3,612 lbs
Color: White PVC, Green Accents
Towers: 5’x5’,5’x9’
Deck Height: 3’
Access: (2) ADA Transfer Stations
Climber: 3’ x 3’ Rock Wall
Connectors: 8’ Bridge with Railing, Crawl Tunnel
Slide: 3’ Dual Slide
Fun Items: ABC Activity Panel, Clock Activity Panel, Bubble Panel

Product Details:
Able to accommodate up to 15 children, the Fun Quest is a playground perform for younger children, ages 2-5. The exciting features of the Fun Quest include two towers, a 3’ x 3’ truck wall, and various interactive activity panels.

Ages: 2-5

Child Capacity: 15