Olympian Treehouse Jumbo 6 Wooden Swing Set


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The Olympian Treehouse Jumbo 6 includes so many fun features that your kids will love! The fort structure has a 6′ high deck and a 5′ deck giving you 60sq. ft. of play space. This play structure also includes a wood roof, cabin package, tower, 3 position 9′ swing beam, 2 belt swings, trapeze bar, 2-12′ Rocket Slide, 5′ 90 degree Mega slide, 2-dormers. Treehouse Series play sets include our exclusive limited lifetime warranty on all wood, metal, and hardware components.

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Optional Features Included in this Play Set

Rocket Slide 12′ Green


Belt Swing – Green – 75″ (9′ Swing Beam)


Trapeze – Green – 47″ (9′ Swing Beam)


Standard Fireman’s Pole – 5′ Deck


Steel Reinforced Beam Kit – 3 Position


Treehouse Jumbo Wood Roof


Treehouse Swing Beam 3 Position (9′ for 6′ Deck)


Olympian Treehouse Jumbo (6′ Deck)


Cabin Package Upgrade (64″ X 64″)


Olympian Treehouse Tower (5′ Deck)


Mega Slide 90 Turn 5′ Green




  • Length: 22’2″
  • Width: 25’5″
  • Roof Height: 13’2″
  • Swing Height: 9′
Suggested Use
  • Play Area: 33′ x 32′